Charity Specialist Plant Fair - Mapperton House

What an incredible venue for a plant fair!  With the filming of Thomas Hardy's 'Far From The Madding Crowd' in the grounds of Mapperton House we were in a slightly different spot to previous plant fairs here which suited us as we had a nice turfed pitch perfect for showing off our new Allium sculptures. 

There were farmyard animals (enjoying a day off from filming) roaming around the stalls and whilst the plant sellers eyed the chickens nervously we enjoyed the extra visitor or two to our stall! Especially the handsome crowing cockerel! 

We tried hard not to spend our hard earned cash on all the lovely plants for sale around us - made even harder by the fact that we had a huge herb stall next to us - the smell was incredible!  

The allium sculptures sold well as did the metal plant stakes which people seem to like to use for creating height in their garden - sometimes even grouping them together for a sculpture. These look great in the wintertime when everything is dying back and the steel balls are standing tall, covered in frost or dew drops.